Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Current Activities 2

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm currently working on my thesis and it consumes a lot of energy and time.

Today I'm going to share with you a little about my thesis.

Do you know that inkblot test that appears in many movies and series? That's right, the Rorschach! The Rorschach is a personality assessment test widely used in clinical psychology and one of the most famous.

It is a truly interesting instrument to do some research, specially since I administer it according to the psychoanalytic theory. Some tests are too straight forward and obvious on what they want to assess and make it easy to the client to answer it, not in a true manner, but in the way they think it should be answered normally. The Rorschach is different. There are no right or wrong responses and the client is free to say what he wants. The clinician then evaluates all the responses according to the training he has been given.

This test should be a way of assessing personality traits and the client as a whole and also facilitate the relationship between psychologist and client.

Note: This isn't an actual Rorschach card.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Current activities.

This past month, October and the current one, November, are being crazy. Unfortunately my girlfriend has been going to the hospital on and off and is currently trying to get better and getting a lot of rest.

I'm also living under a lot of stress... I'm on the last year of the masters degree on Clinical Psychology and I have to have my thesis finished by December 2nd. This month is going to be insane, I'll have to discipline myself to have some fixed daily hours to work hard on my thesis and also my intern report (that one is almost finished)... I know I can do it, working under pressure is my type of working, but it will not be easy.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The obvious Halloween post!

Here in Portugal we don't have an Halloween tradition as in the United States or even England, but the idea has been imported and there are some cool parties in Lisbon where we can celebrate the creepy holiday. Trick or Treating isn't much of a thing here, probably they wouldn't know what you are talking about ahah.

On the other hand, we do have on the 1st, something we call Pão por Deus or in enlgish something like "Bread for God". In this tradition kids gather in small groups and go door to door saying Pão por Deus and the people give them anything, bread, nuts, something else to eat and most of the time a small amount of money. I used to do this when I was younger and absolutely loved it! By the end of the day you would have some money to buy candy and go to the local cinema to celebrate.

Good Halloween everyone!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Positive Hardcore

Nowadays we don't see many Positive Hardcore bands around. The hardcore scene drifted away from being a political aware or, at least, a rebellious place to be another sub-culture where fashion and trends seem to be getting much more importance than before. Many bands are being seduced by sponsorships and record deals by people who have no interest but to make a profit.

Here are Better Than A Thousand, a really good band. This song helps me see everything in a more positive point of view everytime.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Holiday Spirit"

As some might have guessed  already, I'm vegan, so I don't eat or use any animal or animal products (meat, fish, eggs, milk, leather... etc.), political aware (or at least try to be) and highly critical when it comes to this society we live in and its ways.

So of course many things worry me in this holiday season that's approaching, Christmas that is. As an atheist I don't really care about the religious aspect of the season, but understand that it's a tradition that is deeply rooted in our society for many many years. People of different cultural backgrounds are somewhat involved in the celebrations or the so called "holiday spirit", even if it is just liking the flashy colourful lights or doing a good deed or two.

This has unbelievable potential to be a time of reflection and altruism, but what we have nowadays is much much different...

1) The dumb consumerism of this society, think about it, we feel the presure to buy something for everyone we know and love, it's like ''they're'' saying ''I want you to spend a lot to prove you love your family and friends''. Why not just a honest thank you? Do we need to buy senseless and sometimes useless things? Wait, I'm not saying that if you CAN buy them without getting in financial problems, not to do it, man go ahead, if they appreciate it and you can afford it, go ahead. I just hear so many people whine that they don't have money and that they have to buy presents for everyone... if you can't afford it, don't do it! Say thank you and best wishes...

2) The dumb waste: paper, plastic, food, energy... the list goes on. How many of us see the mountains of trash on the street the day before christmas? Why so many bags are used just once? Why not wrap things in materials that can be recycled or re-used? Think twice...

3) I obviously know that society does not follow my kind of diet or view things the way I see them, totally comprehensible... This holiday season is filled with sweets, traditional food, candy... Most of those come from animals... wait I know what you're thinking ''ohhh this is where he goes on by saying not to eat meat or how milk products are obtained by enslaving cows..." well I could, but I won't. I'll just ask you to give value, show value for the things you have and the food you eat, animal-derived or not. I hate to see food go to waste, but when it comes to animal products, enjoy it, eat it, whatever you want, but please keep in mind that a animal has given its life for you to have that treat, so don't let any of that go to waste just like that... If you see you're not gonna eat it, freeze it, give it to your relatives, invite your friends to finish it up, give it to the homeless, do something... Just don't let that go to the trash can. Food is such a valuable resource, but we take it for granted too many times...

4) If you don't get the present you had in mind... remember you're in a heck of a lot better position than many people. You received something, you have family and friends with you, you are warm, you have a home and a bed to sleep in, many don't have that kind of luck...

Now have kickass holiday and maybe, since christmas is a time for reflection, it's time to think twice about many things we take for granted.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Like every new thing, be it an album, a book or a documentary, everything needs an introduction.

Unfriendly Surroundings is no exception...

Here you'll find posts relating to counter-culture in many forms, but, obviously, focusing on the ones I'm closely involved with (animal and human liberation, drug free living, political activism, punk\hardcore, etc.).

This is supposed to be a place where you can find information on serious issues, reflections on modern living, compassion as a weapon of change, but also a place where you can have a laugh and relax after a day of trying to fit in a society that doesn't fit you. It's not going to be a very content strict blog, sometimes it will be serious and heavy, but it will be very light and funny at times.

From my part,
I hope this new blog will create some thoughtful discussions and a refuge from the unfriendly surroundings we face everyday.